Research Assistant

The Cognitive Neuroscience of Aging Laboratory has a number of undergraduate volunteers, research technicians, and graduate students at any given time.

Undergraduate Assistant

Undergraduate assistant positions are available, please send a letter of interest with a CV.

Undergraduate volunteers assist with research at various levels including data entry, accompanying research participants to auxiliary appointments, and administering neuropsychological test batteries. This is a great opportunity for junior and senior level undergraduates looking for research experience before applying to graduate school. Due to the extensive training required, volunteers must be willing to commit 10 hours per week for one year.  Interested parties should contact Dr. Cheryl Dahle for further information.

Research Technician

Ocassionally, there are opportunities for paid research technician positions.  Transitioning students who hold a baccalaureate and are looking for additional research experience are encouraged to apply to the Cognitive Neuroscience of Aging Laboratory as a research technician. Interested parties should contact Dr.Cheryl Dahle for further information.