Faculty/Staff Profiles

Principal Investigator


Dr. Ana M. Daugherty, PhD

Department of Psychology and Institute of Gerontology
Wayne State University



Project Manager

Dr. Cheryl L. Dahle, Ph.D.

Project Manager, Cognitive Neuroscience of Aging Laboratory


Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Dr. Kelsey Canada, PhD (since 2020)

Institute of Gerontology, joint appointed with OfenLab


Graduate Students

Alexis (Campbell) Chargo, MA (since 2021)

Graduate Student, Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience (Psychology)


Roya Homayouni, MA (since 2019)

Doctoral Candidate, Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience (Psychology), joint appointed with OfenLab


Christine Lee, BS (since 2021)

Graduate Student, Translational Neuroscience Program (SoM)


Candace Ryan, BS (since 2022)

Graduate Student, Nursing


Research Assistants

Samaah Saifullah, BS (since 2019)