Welcome to the Healthy Brain Aging Laboratory

Director: Dr. Ana M. Daugherty

Department of Psychology and the Institute of Gerontology, Wayne State University


In the Healthy Brain Aging Lab, we study how the brain changes with age and how these changes are related to changes in memory and problem solving skills in healthy adults. We are especially interested in finding out how individual differences in predisposition to vascular disease affect age-related changes in brain and cognition, and increase risk for Alzheimer's Disease and related dementia.


Detroit Aging Brain Study (DABS)

Dr. Naftali Raz began the Detroit Aging Brain Study in 2001 and it is now co-directed with Dr. Ana Daugherty. We are continuing a long-term longitudinal investigation of brain and cognitive aging. We use magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to study changes in brain structure in healthy adult volunteers within a wide age range (18 90 years). We also conduct studies on age-related differences in various cognitive abilitities such as memory, problem solving, and spatial navigation.

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